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Minamoto Lithium Battery, Lithium Batteries, Lithium Polymer Manufacturer.
Polymer With the chemistry of LiCoO2, offering 3.7V voltage, is so common in modern applications like notebooks computer, point of sales applications, portable navigation devices, portable multimedia player & mp3 player. Nearly all of your mobile applications can be extend in running time or have a slimmer design and less weight with MINAMOTO Polymer battery types. It also offers thin and high quality powerful energy sources for optimum performance. For all of these applications MINAMOTO offers full range size and capacity options.

The polymer battery can fit for every of your product as all the dimension (Thickness, Width, Length) are subjected to customize to your requirement. With this flexibility of the dimensional design, the polymer batteries are the best choice for your product. MINAMOTO offers standard type and high power type of polymer battery to provide the highest energy you need for your product.

Further, MINAMOTO is capable to provide added service for assembling PCB, connector, NTC, and etc. to build your own unique battery packs. Please find the most suitable sized battery from our product list.


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