A car jump starter is a multipurpose power supply that can be used to start a car or be the backup power source of many electronic devices.

Charging Time: Around 4-5 hours.
Cycles: Normally the cycles will be over 1000 times and there are four LED indicators.
Application: The output power can be applied to all the Smartphones, Tablet PC, Laptop, MP3, MP4, PSP digital devices with 5 volts.
Adopted the pure LiCoO2 as the key material.
99% can be started the under 3.0 displacement of the vehicles.
Used synchronous rectification technology, higher efficiency to us USB output.
Input (12V) to satisfy various demands.
Wide design temperature (-40AoC to +60AoC) three times starting in cold weather.
Professional anti back charging clamps.
Temperature protection, USB output make things more easy.
Able to start car for more than 20 times.
Double USB outlets could charge for two devices at the same time.
LED strong lighting for about 30 hours.
Explosion-flashing can last for 24 hours.
Sent SOS distress signal for 48 hours.
Charge for smartphones for about 7 times.
New design for smaller product, larger capacity.
Long life span under proper use.
Portable toolkit, aseismatic fight pressure.
Intelligent multiple protection system: the overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-discharge protection, over-flow protection, converse connection protection.