Nickel-metal hydride cells have an anode (negative) in a metal alloy capable of absorbing and releasing hydrogen, plus a nickel hydroxide cathode (positive), immersed in an alkaline electrolyte solution of potassium, sodium and lithium hydroxides. Nickel-metal hydride cells are rechargeable and deliver a voltage of 1.2 V.

The cells are maintenance-free but require precise charge level monitoring, to control gaseous exchanges with the outside and thus water consumption (for open cells, only slightly pressurized, owing to size). Charge monitoring also helps minimize heating under charge, to maximize capacity and service life. Sealed cells are in cylindrical shape with nickel steel can. They are used in many mobile and fixed professional and industrial applications.

The negative electrode reaction occurring in a NiMH cell

On the positive electrode, nickel oxyhydroxide (NiOOH) is formed,


The charge reaction is read left-to-right and the discharge reaction is read right-to-left.

MINAMOTO offers full range of NiMH battery from consumer type to industrial type and offer custom made battery assembling service.

This battery type is suitable for retail purpose. The positive terminal is protruded and the PVC jacket is colorful and can be custom-made for different design. They can be in bulk pack or blister card packing as commonly seen in retail chain store..

This battery type is normally designed for multi-cell assembly. The positive terminal is not protruded as consumer type. It is flat instead so that they can be more easier to be welded with other cells. The PVC jacket is in plain color only as they are not meant for retail purpose.  They are mostly supplied in bulk pack.