Since our foundation in 1994, we concentrate the development in electrochemical industry and provide solutions to different need of customers. We have formed a MINAMOTO BATTERY GROUP which cover Lithium Battery (LiSOCl2, Li-ion, Li-MnO2), Primary Battery (Alkaline, Zinc Chloride and Zinc carbon), rechargeable battery (NiMH and NiCd) and many other types of batteries. Hence we are able to provide our customer a low cost / high quality production and wholesales source.



We apply the latest Swiss technology to manufacture various types of batteries. One of our factory is located in Hubei, China. It is a factory that specializes in lithium type battery production. It has transportation advantage because it is close to the rapidly developing cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Fuzhou down to Guangzhou. We have 6 automatic production lines that apply Swiss technologies. As large as 3,000 sq. meters of production area enable us to provide huge production capacity and fast delivery lead time. All products are environmental friendly and complied with international standard, such as RoHS and UL (MH45330).

We actively invest in our R & D department and carefully select qualified raw materials from over all the world, together with a well-implemented ISO9001 Q.C. system, we are confident that our product quality can keep abreast with the international level.

The brand name MINAMOTO is gradually getting its place in worldwide markets. We trust that our battery quality has already reached a level that can compete with many famous Japanese brands. At least from the price point of view, we are more competitive.

Though we mainly engage in the promotion of our own brand, we also provide OEM production for customers.